The history of IMPvthe Industrie Maurizio Peruzzo group dates back to the first years after World War II, when two brothers Maurizio and Albino Peruzzo launched the production of mattresses on the basis of textile waste in the Valpadana company.


In Poland, the beginning of the IMP Group is associated with the introduction of the free market reforms in 1989, when Polovat Company was created. Between 2000 and 2007 the next other companies of IMP group were set up, and the culmination of development was launching, a new plant IMP of Comfort, for the production of polyester fiber in 2006 in Świdnica. In this way, Poland, thanks to IMP Group joined a small group of countries in the world with a closed production cycle of the textile products.

Industrie Maurizio Peruzzo Comfort SP. z o.o. (ltd.) is a leader in the textile industry in Poland and Europe. It manufactures both polyester fiber products and fiber products, such as non-woven highly fuffy OVATA®/OWATA® and flat COMTESS® and GEOFORT®.


The company's products, because of their performance properties, are used in many areas: in furniture-making, construction, clothing industry or as part of veneering of the interior of cars. Each year, we create new products, which allows us to increase the scope of their application.


The advantage of the activities of IMP Comfort is an innovative approach to the manufacturing processes. We can boast a production activity based on the waste-free technologies, not degrading the environment. In odrer to ensure the highest quality products, IMP Comfort has implemented quality management System meeting the requirements of standard PN-EN ISO 9001:2009 0659 and obtained other certificates and reports: OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100; FIRA; INTERTEK; HUMAN-FRIENDLY; CHILD-SAFE; CE CERTIFICATE for geotextile fabrics and HYGIENIC ATEST.