Research & Development



The company's authorities from the beginning of its existence struggled to ensure the supply of the latest technologies used in the textile industry, also in terms of quality control of products.
At each stage of the production process, with an experienced staff and being quipped with the measuring equipment of appropriate class, everyday, in the Comfort IMP laboratory, we perform  physico-mechanical and utility of the raw materials and textile products.

Most popular tests include:

  • determination of tenacity and elongation
  • determination of water permeability
  • static puncture test
  • cone drop test
  • tearing strength test
  • determination of the flammability speed
  • polymeric powders melting point determination
  • determination of the viscosity of polyester in dilute solution using capillary viscometer
  • fiber length examination
  • determination of the linear mass of staple fibers
  • crimp properties tests
  • determination of the spin finish oil pickup




In IMP COMFORT the quality Management System was established, documented and implemented and its effectiveness is continually improved in accordance with the requirements of standard PN –EN ISO 9001:2009.

he Quality Management System covers all the processes and activities in the field of design, production and sale of fiber, non-woven fabric and nonwoven geotextiles.

The company also conducts an active research and development policy by participating in research programmes in cooperation with national and European institutes.







In June 2016, Comfort participated in sectoral program INNOTEXTILE and received high scores with the grant research and development  project entitled: "The development of innovative technology of manufacturing thermoformable spatial elements on the basis of non-woven fabrics of polyester".